Voice Over Artist

Many people give a very strange reaction when they the term known as Voice Over Artist. Some confuse it with voice calling service and some are clueless about what the heck is this. Well, I am a voice over artist and I am here to tell you each and everything about it. This is one such place where you will get enough knowledge bombs about this arena than anywhere else.

The reason behind this alienation to this word is because, it’s not covered by media and no one talks about this field of work, even though the work in voice over industry is huge. Media industry is incomplete without voice overs.

Who is a Voice Over Artist?

You turn on your radio and you hear a voice, that is done by a radio jockey or a voice over artist. You switch in your TV, and you hear advertisements and narration of various shows, that is done by a voice over artist. You see English movies dubbed in Hindi, that is done by a dubbing artist. You surf internet daily and you see many videos which has a background voice with it. Yes, it’s the work of a voice over artist.

Voice over acting is yet another sub-niche of voice over. A person is acting just through his voice, which is much more difficult as you can’t give any facial expressions. All these projects are undertaken by a voice over talent.

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In India, the demand of voice over actors is huge, but no institute or school is teaching about this profession. The whole herd is moving towards acting arena or singing, but they are missing out on huge opportunities as a voice over actor.

New Delhi and Mumbai are the major hubs of voice over projects and all the work such as dubbing for cartoons or English shows is done here. Voice Over artists also prefer to take online from various freelance websites.

If you are a complete newbie, then you can visit this Voice Over Workshop page to learn about voice over acting.

Rest, I have also added my voice over portfolio, and you can get an idea about what kind of work I  am talking about.

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