how to make a voice over demo

So you have decided to become a voice over actor and is now planning to build up some solid professional voice over demos. Then you have arrived at the right place and I will inform you about how to get professionally voice over done to get you started.

How to make a voice over demo – A detailed study

Once the thought to become a voice over actor came into your mind, you immediately wanted to get hold of some good voice over jobs and freelance work and some have even thought of lending their voice in television.

But, this long and fascinating journey starts with a basic step of making your voice over demos.

What is a voice over demo?

If you are a total beginner and have no knowledge about what a demo is then I would like to tell you that its just a sample of your audio recorded in various genres. You read out a script and record it using professional equipments. The script can be an elearning page, TV commercial, paragraph narration etc.

This is done so as to help you as a fresher in this industry. Your client will listen to your demo and will decide that are you fit for his job or not.

If you are rejected then don’t get disheartened. It doesn’t mean that you are not a good voice over actor. But, it means that your voice didn’t fir the client’s criteria. Now the point comes about how to make a voice over demo.

To have your own demos, you need to find some audio recording or song recording studios near your location. Just visit and type sound recording studio/audio recording studio/voice over studio and list out some good studios near your residence.

Just call on the number provided or visit them in person. Inform them about you being a voice over actor and you need to make some voice over demos.

They will charge you on the basis of per hour studio used, so make sure to use that one hour very efficiently. Once you have read out some scripts, then tell the sound engineer to treat it, add some plugins to it and use a good background music for your demo. Doing this will help you tremendously and you will have a great voice over demo.

Take those demos in an external device and tell them to mail this at your email address too. Now send those demos to various other studios and in my experience I would say to visit each and every studio which is near your location and give them your demos.

This will help in creating some good professional relations and you would be on their mind when they are searching for a new voice over artist for their work.

If you are a newbie and want to know about how to become a voice actor, then you can take our voice over training happening in New Delhi where you will be trained well and your professional voice over demos will be created there and then.

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