Hi, my name is Himanshu Khanna and I have been in the voice over business for more than 9 years now. From elearning to drama, narration to dubbing and many more are in my kitty. To become a voice over artist, you do not require any professional qualification, but just three major things

  1. Good hold over your language
  2. Correct pronunciation
  3. A pinch of talent

You know, each and every person has his/her story. I too have one and maybe you can relate with my story and will choose voice over as your career ahead.



Since childhood, I participated in regular debate, reading and recitation competitions. For me, it was a thing I loved to do and was a great source of confidence building. It was my style of “turning heads” 😉

I never stopped doing it and indulged myself in other stream too like anchoring, voice over for drama and many more.

At the age of 21, I first came across the word voice over artist when I read a post about a person who was the voice of a famous reality show “Bigg Boss”. I researched and researched and finally noted down all the important details on how to become a voice over artist, how much is an artist paid and what are the different genres in this field.

To start this as a career I went to Mr. Neeraj who is still providing voice over workshops in New Delhi and Mumbai. He taught me about it, helped me in making few professional samples. He gave me few links online and offline where I can find some work and thus my voice over journey started.

About Us 2I started taking projects online and offline and gathered a lot of work samples to get into dubbing too. In the beginning money was not the major concern for me, but learning this profession, getting into depth was my aim.


I am into full time dubbing and voice over recordings and now I feel the time has come that I have the experience to pass on this knowledge to others and create similar opportunities for many.

I am starting out with voice over training workshops soon wherein students can learn about this profession and can have their own professional voice samples in many genres.

That’s all for the day folks! Hope this website helps you a lot.

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