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Hello readers,

So you stumbled upon this page because you were searching for voice over services for your next project. Well, you have knocked the right door, as I am available here to provide you with great quality voice over services at a price which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

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Voice Over Services Available:

  1. Explainer Videos: This is one such genre which is really in trend these days due to a massive increase in startups and apps on marketplaces. Whiteboard Animation videos and other explainer videos are in great demand and voice overs are definitely required for them. You can hire me as a voice over artist for your explainer video and if you wish to see my work samples, then visit my Portfolio.
  2. Elearning: Whether you are building educational content for school/official internal purposes or you require voice over for some other elearning projects, then you can visit the Contact page and hit me up right now for your work.
  3. Commercials: Be it a Radio commercial or on a television, you can get the voice over done easily without any hassle.
  4. Audio Books: The popularity of audio books is increasing day by day in India and people are inclining towards podcasts and audio books.
  5. Others: There are still many voice over genres which I haven’t talked about like Drama, Youtube Videos etc, but feel free to get voice over done for them.

Why chose me for your Voice Over Services?

  • Own Voice Over Studio: You can get excellent audio quality work at best prices, as it will be done in a soundproof voice over studio at my place. So you are saving a lot on studio rental charges which a voice over artist generally adds up in his/her billing.
  • Multiple voices: Many projects have multiple characters in them and you want a single artist to perform them. Well, I would efficiently do 3-4 character voices for your project. You can check the portfolio section for samples.
  • Voice Over Artists Directory: If your project requires more than one voice over artist and you are in need of another male or a female artist, then I can provide you with work samples of best artists in this industry and you can hire any one for your work ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Before Time Delivery: Gone are those days, when people commit you on-time delivery. I would be providing you with your work quite early from the deadline so that you can ask for revisions etc before going ahead with other stuff.

So visit my Contact Page and you can hire me for your voice over services now ๐Ÿ™‚


Not getting enough voice over jobs? You must know this

Voice Over Jobs
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You are searching about voice over jobs because you have started your journey in voice over industry a few days/weeks/months back or you are just starting out to grab your first project.

To be frank, getting voice over work is like getting projects for any other artistic work. You need to market yourself well, but you cannot compromise with talent and what the client demands.

To begin with, forget about getting dubbing work, as it requires some prior experience and is much more difficult than a normal voice over script.

Voice over jobs are available in abundant, but you need to knock the right door to get the work for yourself. I will focus on online and offline mediums for you to get voice over jobs.

Getting Voice Over Jobs Online

  1. Your own website: You should definitely start your own website, if you are taking this profession very seriously. On your website, you need to upload your portfolio along with the services you are providing. You have to do proper SEO of your website (hire someone or do it yourself). Do not put your voice over rates, but just make your contact details visible.

Note: Make sure to create a profession email id for yourself, like

  1. Join Freelance websites: Along with creating your own website, you can register yourself on various freelance websites to get voice over jobs. You can search for various open jobs related to voice over and you can bid for that project. Few freelance websites are odesk, upwork, freelancer.
  2. Make a gig on Fiverr: This has been my personal favorite when it comes to getting voice over jobs online. I have been on fiverr for nearly a year now and have earned $1k+ within a few months. All I did was – create a professional gig there and start providing my services. It has loads and loads of targeted traffic.
  3. Upload on Youtube: You should always create portfolio videos of your work and upload it on Youtube. Do proper SEO of your Youtube video and it will start ranking easily.

Getting Voice Over Jobs Offline

There are enormous opportunities to get work offline. Only one quality of yours work here before your voice over talent. Itโ€™s your networking quality. You need to start searching for voice recording studios/sound recording studios near your place and you have to visit them personally and provide them your voice over samples.

Just have a talk with them and if they ask you to record a sample at their studio, then do not hesitate to do so. Inform them that you are available for work at good rates.

Give them calls every alternate week so that they think of you whenever they receive a project. I am telling you to do this as there are many new voice over artists and they would not remember everyone. So you need to leave an impression ๐Ÿ˜‰

Note: If you are proficient in more than 2 languages then the voice over jobs are even more for you J

If you have any queries about voice over and voice over jobs, then you can leave a comment below and I will give you a reply ASAP.


Voice Over Artist โ€“ Are you alien to this word? Read more about it


Voice Over Artist

Many people give a very strange reaction when they the term known as Voice Over Artist. Some confuse it with voice calling service and some are clueless about what the heck is this. Well, I am a voice over artist and I am here to tell you each and everything about it. This is one such place where you will get enough knowledge bombs about this arena than anywhere else.

The reason behind this alienation to this word is because, itโ€™s not covered by media and no one talks about this field of work, even though the work in voice over industry is huge. Media industry is incomplete without voice overs.

Who is a Voice Over Artist?

You turn on your radio and you hear a voice, that is done by a radio jockey or a voice over artist. You switch in your TV, and you hear advertisements and narration of various shows, that is done by a voice over artist. You see English movies dubbed in Hindi, that is done by a dubbing artist. You surf internet daily and you see many videos which has a background voice with it. Yes, itโ€™s the work of a voice over artist.

Voice over acting is yet another sub-niche of voice over. A person is acting just through his voice, which is much more difficult as you canโ€™t give any facial expressions. All these projects are undertaken by a voice over talent.

Read More: How to become a voice over artist

In India, the demand of voice over actors is huge, but no institute or school is teaching about this profession. The whole herd is moving towards acting arena or singing, but they are missing out on huge opportunities as a voice over actor.

New Delhi and Mumbai are the major hubs of voice over projects and all the work such as dubbing for cartoons or English shows is done here. Voice Over artists also prefer to take online from various freelance websites.

If you are a complete newbie, then you can visit this Voice Over Workshop page to learn about voice over acting.

Rest, I have also added my voice over portfolio, and you can get an idea about what kind of work Iย  am talking about.

You can send your queries at or leave a comment below. I would be more than happy to help you ๐Ÿ™‚


Voice Over Training in New Delhi held on 20th February 2016 | Big Success


So you have come to this post with different mindsets. Some of you may ask:

What happened in our voice over training?


How did the participants felt after taking your voice over training?


What actually is voice over man? I have no clue

Well, all your questions will be answered in this post.

First letโ€™s clear some air surrounding what are voice overs?

Voice overs is lending your voice to a particular project and that project can be a TV commercial, Radio commercial, TV show, elearning modules, documentaries, audio books, children stories, Radio spots and many others.

You come across voice overs in your day to day life by listening to commercials on radio and TV. You also hear voice overs in explainer videos of various websites and apps. So you can judge the amount of work available in voice over industry. You do not to be at a particular place to get voice over projects, but they are easily available online. You just need to put some efforts and work would start flowing in.

If you want to know more about me, then you can visit About Us section.

I have been giving voice over training from past few months, but officially on 20th Feb 2016, I took first voice over training in New Delhi in association with Melody Recording Studios.

We gave a complete one day voice over training to 3 students which included:

  1. Theoretical information about voice over industry
  2. Various genres of voice overs available
  3. Techniques to do a professional voice over
  4. Minor details about this profession
  5. Individual analysis of each and every participant and mentioning their strengths and weaknesses in voice overs
  6. All the information about how to start getting work in this profession
  7. Professional voice over portfolio was made for all the participants
  8. Many video tutorials provided to all
  9. And the list is endless..

To know about our next workshop, Click Here

Here is a glimpse of our training session.

The best part of such training is that the participants came with different experiences and from various verticals. One participant was really good in Bengali language voice over apart from Indian English and Hindi voice over. Another participant had a plus point in doing voice over for elearning modules and IVRs. You may even go for different accent voice overs which one of our participant did. She had a great hold over US English accent along with Indian English and Hindi.

So, if you too wish to know about voice over and this industry, then you can enroll for our next voice over training in New Delhi which is happening on 19th and 20th March 2016.

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