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Voice Over Jobs
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You are searching about voice over jobs because you have started your journey in voice over industry a few days/weeks/months back or you are just starting out to grab your first project.

To be frank, getting voice over work is like getting projects for any other artistic work. You need to market yourself well, but you cannot compromise with talent and what the client demands.

To begin with, forget about getting dubbing work, as it requires some prior experience and is much more difficult than a normal voice over script.

Voice over jobs are available in abundant, but you need to knock the right door to get the work for yourself. I will focus on online and offline mediums for you to get voice over jobs.

Getting Voice Over Jobs Online

  1. Your own website: You should definitely start your own website, if you are taking this profession very seriously. On your website, you need to upload your portfolio along with the services you are providing. You have to do proper SEO of your website (hire someone or do it yourself). Do not put your voice over rates, but just make your contact details visible.

Note: Make sure to create a profession email id for yourself, like

  1. Join Freelance websites: Along with creating your own website, you can register yourself on various freelance websites to get voice over jobs. You can search for various open jobs related to voice over and you can bid for that project. Few freelance websites are odesk, upwork, freelancer.
  2. Make a gig on Fiverr: This has been my personal favorite when it comes to getting voice over jobs online. I have been on fiverr for nearly a year now and have earned $1k+ within a few months. All I did was – create a professional gig there and start providing my services. It has loads and loads of targeted traffic.
  3. Upload on Youtube: You should always create portfolio videos of your work and upload it on Youtube. Do proper SEO of your Youtube video and it will start ranking easily.

Getting Voice Over Jobs Offline

There are enormous opportunities to get work offline. Only one quality of yours work here before your voice over talent. It’s your networking quality. You need to start searching for voice recording studios/sound recording studios near your place and you have to visit them personally and provide them your voice over samples.

Just have a talk with them and if they ask you to record a sample at their studio, then do not hesitate to do so. Inform them that you are available for work at good rates.

Give them calls every alternate week so that they think of you whenever they receive a project. I am telling you to do this as there are many new voice over artists and they would not remember everyone. So you need to leave an impression 😉

Note: If you are proficient in more than 2 languages then the voice over jobs are even more for you J

If you have any queries about voice over and voice over jobs, then you can leave a comment below and I will give you a reply ASAP.


Voice Over Artist – Are you alien to this word? Read more about it


Voice Over Artist

Many people give a very strange reaction when they the term known as Voice Over Artist. Some confuse it with voice calling service and some are clueless about what the heck is this. Well, I am a voice over artist and I am here to tell you each and everything about it. This is one such place where you will get enough knowledge bombs about this arena than anywhere else.

The reason behind this alienation to this word is because, it’s not covered by media and no one talks about this field of work, even though the work in voice over industry is huge. Media industry is incomplete without voice overs.

Who is a Voice Over Artist?

You turn on your radio and you hear a voice, that is done by a radio jockey or a voice over artist. You switch in your TV, and you hear advertisements and narration of various shows, that is done by a voice over artist. You see English movies dubbed in Hindi, that is done by a dubbing artist. You surf internet daily and you see many videos which has a background voice with it. Yes, it’s the work of a voice over artist.

Voice over acting is yet another sub-niche of voice over. A person is acting just through his voice, which is much more difficult as you can’t give any facial expressions. All these projects are undertaken by a voice over talent.

Read More: How to become a voice over artist

In India, the demand of voice over actors is huge, but no institute or school is teaching about this profession. The whole herd is moving towards acting arena or singing, but they are missing out on huge opportunities as a voice over actor.

New Delhi and Mumbai are the major hubs of voice over projects and all the work such as dubbing for cartoons or English shows is done here. Voice Over artists also prefer to take online from various freelance websites.

If you are a complete newbie, then you can visit this Voice Over Workshop page to learn about voice over acting.

Rest, I have also added my voice over portfolio, and you can get an idea about what kind of work I  am talking about.

You can send your queries at or leave a comment below. I would be more than happy to help you 🙂


How to get Voice Over Jobs in Delhi easily within one hour


how to get voice over jobs in delhi

Reading Time: 2 minutes +

If you are reading this post, then you must have started your voice over career, but are stuck at a point where you are not able to brainstorm as to where can you find voice over jobs in delhi.

Mumbai is known as the biggest hub of entertainment media. Voice over and dubbing are a major part of this industry and the projects comprises of movie dubbings, TV commercials, documentaries etc. The exact case may not be visible in Delhi, but the capital of India is not too far away.

It has been seen that in the past 5 years, new sound recording studios are being opened at a fast rate and thus they are building many opportunities for the artists. People are coming from far off places to get their song recorded and getting voice overs for their projects.

So, if you are a voice over artist and you think that it’s a herculean task to get projects here, then my friend you are totally mistaken J

Here are the steps which can get you voice over jobs in delhi :-


Visit and just search for “sound recording studios” or “voice over studios” and you would get a massive result of such places. You can filter your search by clicking on “Location Near you”.

Once you get hold of these studios, then write down their name, address and phone number at one place. (Create an excel file for easy processing)

Now, you need to call them and send them your voice over samples. It would be really beneficial if you can personally visit your nearby studios. It helps in developing good relations.

Once you have developed some relations with the studios, then they will start calling you for their projects and as you keep on doing various projects, you portfolio gets stronger and stronger.

  1. Elance/Upwork

I followed the above technique, but I didn’t wait for them to call me for any project. I registered at and made a profile over there. People regularly post about voice over jobs there and you can bid on that job with your profile and portfolio. If you get approved then there is your first work.

Remember most of the clients there are from outside India and they are willing to pay more for the work. So online work can fetch you more money and more projects. I got my first project from elance only. Avoid as its highly competitive website and apply there only when you have enough work samples to show in different niche.

  1. Register at is one of the premium and popular website in India to provide voice over jobs to various voice over artistes. It has a paid membership which proved really beneficial for me. The charges are nominal, but due to its monopoly, all the clients post their project on this website. So, once you get registered on this website, then you can expect getting calls for voice over jobs.

So these were some suggestions to get voice over jobs in delhi. Do share your feedback regarding this post and if you know any other medium, then share those in the comment section below.