This is a special page created for all the voice over artists. Below are listed some really important equipments used in a recording studio. So it will include hardware and recording studio software as well. I would also mention estimated price of the items as well.

Recording Studio Software and Hardware

  1. Shure SM58 Microphone: Microphone is the heart of a recording studio and after using various dynamic and condensor microphones, I found out that Shure SM 58 is really an efficient device that comes at a nominal price. From last 18 months, am using the same microphone and its providing me a really good quality with effective noise cancellation as well.
  2. XLR M-F Cable: This is the cable required to connect your microphone with the sound card and thus is really necessary.
  3. M-Audio Sound Card: You cannot just record directly into your system using a microphone. You need a sound card that changes the signals and converts it for your system. So to have a really good sound card that too in your budget, you should go for M-Audio M-Track. (Currently available in bundle form)
  4. PC/Laptop: To record anything, you would need a nice working computer. You do not need a system with heavy graphic card or an awesome processor, but it can work with a PC with normal specifications.
  5. Sennheiser HD180 Headphone: You need an over the ear headphone which gives the best output for your recordings, and what can you think of apart from Sennheiser when it comes down to great build and quality.
  6. Microphone Stand: You would need a good microphone stand which can be a full size or a short one, depending on your needs.

The above listed things were the hard ware required, now I would mention the Recording Studio Software required for your home studio.

  1. Audacity: There are many recording softwares available in the market, but an easy to use and free software is Audacity. Am still handling even big projects using Audacity.
  2. Nuendo: It is another recording studio software available in the market. Its an advanced software and is not available for free. i would suggest that if you are a beginner then you can easily work with Audacity
  3. Pro Tools: If we talk about more advanced recording studio software, then pro tools would come to your mind. But its majorly used for recording music, so you can avoid using this heavy software.

Each and every device mentioned above is personally used by me and I can vouch for them. You can also go for a Recording Studio Hardware Bundle.

Rest, definitely check out the website of ACX Studios and read the articles mentioned over there.

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So your Recording Studio can be setup in under $300.