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Voice Over Jobs
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You are searching about voice over jobs because you have started your journey in voice over industry a few days/weeks/months back or you are just starting out to grab your first project.

To be frank, getting voice over work is like getting projects for any other artistic work. You need to market yourself well, but you cannot compromise with talent and what the client demands.

To begin with, forget about getting dubbing work, as it requires some prior experience and is much more difficult than a normal voice over script.

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Voice Over Artist – Are you alien to this word? Read more about it


Voice Over Artist

Many people give a very strange reaction when they the term known as Voice Over Artist. Some confuse it with voice calling service and some are clueless about what the heck is this. Well, I am a voice over artist and I am here to tell you each and everything about it. This is one such place where you will get enough knowledge bombs about this arena than anywhere else.

The reason behind this alienation to this word is because, it’s not covered by media and no one talks about this field of work, even though the work in voice over industry is huge. Media industry is incomplete without voice overs.

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What is the scenario of Indian voice over industry?


Indian Voice Over Scenario

To start with, you all must know what is a voice over, and you can read some articles related to it from our blog.

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How to get Voice Over Jobs in Delhi easily within one hour

Know about how to make a voice over demo professionally

Talking about the Indian voice over scenario, I can confidently say that there is a lot of scope in this industry for newbies as well as experienced artistes. The strong reason behind is that the never ending work in this industry.

The various verticals in which you can work as a voice over artist are:

  • TV, For Video
  • YouTube Video
  • Voiceover
  • Match audio to video
  • Voice Over
  • Online projects
  • Phone greetings
  • On hold Message
  • Radio Commercials
  • Internet Programs
  • any projects
  • Business Training tutorials
  • Audio Book
  • Narration
  • Internet Product launch
  • Websites welcome pages
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Radio Advertising
  • Commercials
  • Radio

So, you see, there are so many arenas in Indian voice over industry in which you can lend your voice for a project. And the projects are not only available offline, but they are in abundance in online also. You just need to know where your targeted audience is.

To get started as a voice over artist, you can join our one day voice over training which takes place frequently in New Delhi every month.

If you have done some work earlier, then I would recommend you to keep building your portfolio and hone your skills more and more. Remember, an existing client will always give you more business than any new client πŸ™‚

One more thing which I would like to mention here is that, always give priority to your quality of work. I have seen many professionals not focusing on after sales service. Well, this is a really bad practice to follow as you are losing a lot of business due to this.

So in short I can say about the Indian voice over scenario is that the scope is huge, just hop on and start working on your dreams πŸ™‚ Its always interesting to hear your own voice on television right πŸ˜‰


Voice Over Training in New Delhi held on 20th February 2016 | Big Success


So you have come to this post with different mindsets. Some of you may ask:

What happened in our voice over training?


How did the participants felt after taking your voice over training?


What actually is voice over man? I have no clue

Well, all your questions will be answered in this post.

First let’s clear some air surrounding what are voice overs?

Voice overs is lending your voice to a particular project and that project can be a TV commercial, Radio commercial, TV show, elearning modules, documentaries, audio books, children stories, Radio spots and many others.

You come across voice overs in your day to day life by listening to commercials on radio and TV. You also hear voice overs in explainer videos of various websites and apps. So you can judge the amount of work available in voice over industry. You do not to be at a particular place to get voice over projects, but they are easily available online. You just need to put some efforts and work would start flowing in.

If you want to know more about me, then you can visit About Us section.

I have been giving voice over training from past few months, but officially on 20th Feb 2016, I took first voice over training in New Delhi in association with Melody Recording Studios.

We gave a complete one day voice over training to 3 students which included:

  1. Theoretical information about voice over industry
  2. Various genres of voice overs available
  3. Techniques to do a professional voice over
  4. Minor details about this profession
  5. Individual analysis of each and every participant and mentioning their strengths and weaknesses in voice overs
  6. All the information about how to start getting work in this profession
  7. Professional voice over portfolio was made for all the participants
  8. Many video tutorials provided to all
  9. And the list is endless..

To know about our next workshop, Click Here

Here is a glimpse of our training session.

The best part of such training is that the participants came with different experiences and from various verticals. One participant was really good in Bengali language voice over apart from Indian English and Hindi voice over. Another participant had a plus point in doing voice over for elearning modules and IVRs. You may even go for different accent voice overs which one of our participant did. She had a great hold over US English accent along with Indian English and Hindi.

So, if you too wish to know about voice over and this industry, then you can enroll for our next voice over training in New Delhi which is happening on 19th and 20th March 2016.

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Working as a core team member for The Digi Experts proved as a game changer


Apart from being a voice over artist in India, I am also working with The Digi Experts as a digital marketing trainer. Talking about The Digi Experts, it was founded recently by Mr. Ravi Chopra who is successfully running a digital marketing agency – Click Bazaar from past 3 years and has been into this industry from last 6 years.

Why I joined The Digi Experts as a core team member?

I have been building websites and running Facebook campaigns from a long time and am well versed with the changing digital marketing trends. Many marketing experts are also shifting their marketing investment towards digital marketing from traditional marketing.The Digi Experts

I met Ravi Chopra few months back over a cup of coffee and he told me about this huge plan. Earlier, I didn’t thought of connecting with The Digi Experts but was totally sure of its success in near future. Then an idea erupted in our minds that why not I join the company as a team member there and do something for the digital community. Talks went ahead and here I am writing this post, sitting in the office of The Digi Experts.

Why was it a game changer for me?

Ravi Chopra is a total workaholic, but a chilled out human being. Do not try to judge him by his age as he can easily beat the who’s who of this industry with his knowledge and experience. The Digi Experts is co-founded by Sahil Arora and he has a strong marketing background too.

Although Sahil and me are working day-in and day-out for The Digi Experts, yet we are amazed how Ravi shuffles easily between both of his major companies. I am learning a lot each and everyday from him. The only reason I hate Ravi is because the word “laziness” has been erased from my dictionary after I started working with him aaarrgghh πŸ˜›

On a serious note, I have developed some seriously good habits from him and the working culture at The Digi Experts is what one would want. Daily there are batches of students coming at the institute, gaining some valuable information about digital marketing and then implementing them in their ventures. Most of the students are business owners and professionals who are looking to give a boost to their sales and profits and rest are people looking to make a career in this industry.

Apart from the centre which is just adjacent to Tilak Nagar Metro station, 2 more centres are under construction and we are planning to open 17 such centres across New Delhi by the end of 2016. Going Pan India is our next mission after accomplishing this πŸ™‚

Here at The Digi Experts we are providing hands on training to the students along with 100% placement assistance too. Well, I think thats all from my side about my ongoing experience with The Digi Experts.

If you wish to make a career in digital marketing or want to launch your own successful campaigns or even aiming to build a part time business, then The Digi Experts is the right place for you.

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Hindi Voice Over Artist Himanshu Khanna | Dubbing Artist


hindi voice over artist

Reading Time: 1 minute +

This post is for those who wish to have voice over done for their projects.

If you are a beginner and want to become a voice over artist, then Visit This Link for our Voice Over Training in Delhi

Himanshu Khanna is a delhi based voice over artist and digital marketer by profession. He started his voice over journey in 2011 by taking training under Mr. Neeraj from

Background: I have been into doing debates, anchoring for various shows from his college days and then started to work in this field professionally.

I currently work as a hindi voice over artist and Indian English voice over artist. Apart from this I have worked for Prime Focus Studios, Noida as a dubbing artist for various shows telecasting on NDTV good times, FOX life, Nat geo.

I am also a professional anchor and run my own channels on YouTube which focuses on restaurants and movie reviews.

You can visit The Portfolio Section to see any of my work in Hindi/English language.

If you wish to get your voice over done, then you can call me at +919654309539 or can email me at himanshu.khanna91[at]

The charges depend on the quantity and genre of script.

So, this was Himanshu Khanna – professional hindi voice over artist signing off. Hope to do business with you soon πŸ™‚